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Sat & Sun, September 14-15, 2019
Located at the Delaware Coastal Business Park/Airport
21788 Nanticoke Avenue, Georgetown, DE 19947
Hosted by The Sussex Academy Foundation

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our first time ever Balloons Over Sussex event Saturday and Sunday September 14 & 15, 2019!

Our intent in creating this event was to have a fun-filled weekend where our residents and visitors would experience the enjoyment of learning about hot air balloons and, of course, seeing them fly. We were disappointed, as so many others were, when the weather did not allow for this to happen on Saturday. Attempts to fly the tethered balloons were in constant discussion throughout the entire day but with winds in excess of 7mph we were unable to do this safely. At a 4:45pm pilot meeting on Saturday, it was determined that weather conditions were not safe for the 5:30pm balloon ascension, and a candlelight ceremony was scheduled in place of the glow. Any decision regarding the cancellation of flights and glow are considered thoughtfully with a focus on the safety of the pilots, passengers and spectators.

When the Friendship Hot Air Balloon Company and the pilots made the decision to cancel the ascension and replace the glow, an announcement was made to the attendees. We did not intentionally “scam” anyone out of a $10 entrance fee. As weather changes can happen quickly, tethered balloons rides were tentative throughout the day.

Thankfully, Mother Nature smiled upon us on Sunday and both the morning and evening flights were able to proceed and tethered balloon rides were available from 3PM – 7PM.

For those of you who took the time to post your thoughts and disappointment on social media-thank you! Due to your comments, we were able to work on better social media communication, parking and traffic patterns for Sunday. All of your comments will be taken into consideration when discussing the future of this event.

A very special thank you to our volunteers, the majority being Sussex Academy students, for your help and your extraordinary diplomacy when dealing with angry patrons.

We appreciate all of your support for this event, and hope that you enjoyed seeing the balloons in the air on Sunday. Thank you all!

Stunning Photos from Cape Gazette
In-Flight video from Sussex Living

PHOTOS from Passenger:
Capturing photos from launch to in-flight scenes to landing and pack up. Courtesy of Lee J. Hill

PHOTOS from Crew member:
photos courtesy of Kenny Adamsbaum

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